un is the name under which Victor Couwenbergh of Ottawa, Canada, publishes music.  His songs are played in industrial or noise sets by DJs worldwide.  Victor has played many live shows as un and has also scored films.


Victor has been making music with different instruments since he was a boy.  He started dabbling in computer generated music in the early 90s, but it wasn’t until 1997 that he seriously started recording music using a computer.  He started off using trackers to sequence samples and produced Your Eminence, a song which was featured on a compilation for Apocalypse Magazine.  His first album was published in 1998 under the project name “Pupil.”


After publishing four industrial albums under the Pupil name, Victor decided to experiment with the noise genre.  In 2004 he released The Secret Rift under the new project name un, and he immediately started getting very positive feedback.  He played several shows under that name in various town and cities in Canada, and released a second album, hol, which was recorded live in 2005.


Victor then turned his attention to film making and produced a feature-length b-movie entitled Maggot Man, as well as several short films.  Most of these films were scored by Victor under the name un.


Work on the next un album has been delayed, as Victor has two wonderful children that he is homeschooling.  He is working on new material, however, so stay tuned to this site, the un Facebook page or the Departure Twitter feed for updates.